Leadership Development Program

The Leadership Development Program is the banner program of the Foundation.
It consists of awards, scholarships, formation, and community outreach.


The Gerry Roxas Leadership Award (GRLA) Medallion Project. is one of the major projects of the Leadership Development Program (LDP). The GRLA Medallion is given to outstanding grade ten students recognized for exemplifying the core values of integrity, service, and excellence. (Learn more about GRLA Award)

Academy of Leaders. The conferment of the gold medallion is an entry point to the Academy of Leaders Program for GRLAs. The Academy aims to develop the GRLA’s sense of personal leadership, critical thinking, and servant leadership skills. In their final year in college, the awardees are assisted through internships and job placement to help them prepare to enter the workforce.

The Outstanding Young Men of the Philippines. Since 1975, GRF in partnership with the Philippine Jaycees supports the annual search for The Outstanding Young Men (TOYM) of the Philippines. This recognition is given to outstanding young men and women whose dedication to their field of expertise has contributed to nation-building. Previous awards were given to individuals involved in agricultural science, arts and humanities, banking business, law, business, community development, educational business, government service, political and social sciences, journalism and mass communication, sports, medicine, economics, science, and technology, and engineering.


GRF Leadership Endowment and Development (LEAD) Fund continues to provide support to its scholars by providing college education support and opportunities for leadership immersion.

The vision is to nurture the growth of emerging GRLAs in the future will use their skills and abilities to lead and transform communities in nation-building. GRF also manages the Ria Roxas-Ojeda and Dinggoy A. Roxas Scholarship grants.


GRLAs through various formation activities are oriented on the brand of leadership and the core values of the foundation.

The Bayanihan Camp motivates and encourages GRLAs to engage in social development activities and make the youth aware of their responsibility in their communities. Through this camp, GRLAs were taught the GRF brand of leadership embodied by the core values of integrity, service, and excellence.

The Leadership Forum serves as a venue where professional GRLAs act as resource persons on life-coaching and mentoring sessions for the student GRLAs.


Achieving Results through Integrity, Service and Excellence (ARISE) is a training support to student leaders of partner schools based on the core values of the Foundation—integrity, service, and excellence. It aims to provide a venue for the participants to surface problems that they encounter in school and the community and create solutions to address issues identified. Leadership sessions were also introduced during the training, and participants are oriented on the legacy of the late Senator Gerry Roxas.


GRF also supports GRLAs in identifying community outreach programs that respond to the needs of target communities. These activities expose youth leaders and GRLAs to actual development work to build their passion for helping and serving marginalized communities.

Adopt-a-School Program. Formally began in 2016 aims to improve facilities and extend the literacy programs of the Foundation for selected and in-need partner educational institutions of the Gerry Roxas Leadership Awardees Student Society (GRLASS). The project is designed to collaborate with public elementary schools in developing the school’s learning facilities (e.g., library, social hall, computer room) and equip them with the necessary equipment (e.g. LCD projectors, computers, whiteboards) to provide a conducive and better learning environment for its students and meet the needs for the K-12 curriculum.

Brigada Eskwela.  Yearly, LDP and the Gerry Roxas Leaders actively participate in the Brigada Eskwela of the Department of Education (DepEd). GRF and JAAF in cooperation with the Gerry Roxas Leadership Awardees Students’ Society held their Annual Brigada Eskwela operation in support of the DepEd’s mission to provide safe and clean learning spaces for Filipino learners.

The J. Amado Araneta Foundation is the major partner of GRF for the Leadership Development program