Job Opportunity: Biodiversity and Sustainable Landscape Specialist [Extended]

Position: Biodiversity and Sustainable Landscape Specialist (BSLS)
Area of Assignment: Quezon City
Deadline for Applications: July 31, 2023

About the Project

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) awarded the Investing in Sustainability and Partnerships for Inclusive Growth and Regenerative Ecosystems “INSPIRE” Project to the Gerry Roxas Foundation on September 14, 2021.  INSPIRE is a five-year project that aims to contribute to NRSG’s goal of advancing natural resource resilience, security, and governance through the increased participation and critical engagement of CSOs, media, indigenous peoples (IPs), local communities, and the private sector.

About the Post

The Biodiversity and Sustainable Landscape Specialist (BSLS) serves as the key expert in terrestrial ecosystems and in landscape approaches to conservation. He/she is responsible for developing biodiversity conservation and development strategies that align with the Project’s goals. The BSLS provides technical assistance to the INSPIRE Team in formulating policies and strategies as well as designing, implementing, monitoring, and evaluating biodiversity conservation, climate change, and natural resources management project at the landscape level.

Duties and Responsibilities

Specifically, the BSLS:

  1. Provides technical assistance to the grantees in the application of USAID guidelines particularly on biodiversity conservation in the implementation of the project.
  2. Works with the conservation community, including the Government and its line agencies, donors, and other conservation-focused CSOs and institutions to keep updated on the latest technical and policy developments relative to conservation and natural resource management.
  3. Mobilizes support when required, and promotes cooperation for biodiversity conservation and sustainable use and management of natural resources.
  4. Supports the translation of USAID’s guidelines into operational practices with corresponding metrics.
  5. Explores approaches and strategies in translating and communicating the science of biodiversity into languages that are more understandable to the general public and local stakeholders.
  6. Keeps the project team informed of all relevant developments, trends, phenomena, and other factors influencing natural resources and biodiversity. This includes any potential impacts on the implementation of sub-grant projects.
  7. Leads coaching and mentoring sessions for sub-grants on biodiversity conservation at the landscape level.
  8. Assists in developing mechanisms and methodologies to ensure effective monitoring of INSPIRE’s activities and timely dissemination of relevant information and lessons learned to stakeholders, particularly USAID.
  9. Supports the team in finding and documenting best practices and stories of interest in all project sites.
  10. Performs other job-related duties as assigned.


  • A bachelor’s or master’s degree in a relevant field such as environmental science, ecology, conservation biology, natural resource management, or a related discipline is often required.
  • At least ten years of relevant experience in implementing USAID or other donor-funded projects in biodiversity/sustainable land management and conservation activities.
  • A strong understanding of biodiversity principles, including knowledge of various ecosystems, species identification, and ecological processes.
  • Familiarity with local and global biodiversity issues, conservation strategies, and relevant legislation and policies is essential.
  • Expertise in sustainable land management practices, including knowledge of land-use planning, habitat restoration, ecosystem services, and sustainable agriculture.
  • Proficiency in conducting research, collecting and analyzing data, and interpreting scientific literature related to biodiversity and ecosystems. Ability to use statistical tools and GIS (Geographic Information System) software for spatial analysis and mapping.
  • Experience in developing and implementing biodiversity conservation plans, strategies, and action plans. Skills in assessing the ecological impact of land use decisions, identifying conservation priorities, and designing habitat restoration projects are valuable.
  • Ability to work collaboratively with various stakeholders, including government agencies, NGOs (non-governmental organizations), and local communities.
  • Effective communication and interpersonal skills to engage and educate diverse audiences about biodiversity conservation and sustainable land management practices.
  • Experience in managing biodiversity and sustainable landscape projects, including budgeting, resource allocation, monitoring, and reporting.
  • Skills in coordinating multidisciplinary teams, setting goals, and ensuring project deliverables are met.
  • Knowledge of environmental policies, regulations, and international frameworks related to biodiversity and sustainable land use.
  • Ability to advocate for conservation policies, engage in policy development processes, and contribute to broader environmental initiatives.
  • Proficiency in conducting field surveys, biodiversity assessments, and monitoring programs.
  • Familiarity with sampling techniques, data collection protocols, and ecological monitoring methods. Experience in using field equipment, such as GPS devices, camera traps, or remote sensing technologies, is advantageous.
  • A genuine passion for biodiversity conservation, sustainable development, and the ability to work in challenging environments. Dedication to the principles of sustainability, ethics, and social responsibility.
  • Demonstrated leadership, versatility, and unquestionable integrity.

Submission Instructions

Interested applicants should send their Curriculum Vitae and a cover letter highlighting relevant experiences. Include a list of three references with contact information. Only short-listed applicants will be contacted by GRF.

Send applications via email to: [email protected].

The deadline for applications is at 5:00 PM, July 31, 2023.

Email subject format: [Position applied for]_[Lastname, Firstname]

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